Hi! I'm a junior at Amherst College majoring in CS/stats. I'm interested in the intersections between technology and business. When I'm not in school, I split time between Singapore, Palo Alto, and Jakarta.

I took 3 gap years after high school, during which time I completed my National Service in Singapore in the Civil Defence as an ambulance EMT and volunteered in Indonesia's 2014 presidential campaign.

When I'm not reading and writing notes / exploring you can find me on /r/ mildly interesting / in the gym / worrying about the rise of automation.

I'm currently using this site as a repository for my newsletter (compilation, visualization/app), book notes (compilation), and links.

Monthly updates/points of interest (November)

  • “Owning bitcoins is one of the few asymmetric bets that people across the entire world can participate in,” link

Things I'm excited about:

  • Democratization of finance: no more paying for a checking account (and other fees which are essentially a tax on the poor, link), e.g. SoFi Money, or financial services, e.g. Fidelity’s fee-less ETF

  • The rise of automation: what will we do with our newly found free time? We need creative self-actualizing activities, not digital opium like FB/Netflix which self-driving cars will make even more ubiquitous… battle for screens and eyeballs

  • AR is it going to look like this? Magic Leap’s first product looks unwearable but 40’ FOV is incredibly limited; these glasses (using retinal projection) look much more useable

  • MOOCs and the future of education; coursera / udemy / udacity / Minerva Schools? / altschool? Udacity's Sebastian Thrun thinks there'll be only 10 institutions of higher ed left in 2050

  • The future of UI: wearables (jackets?), biohacking, both? Keyboard on the hand?