Hi! I'm a junior at Amherst College majoring in CS/stats. I'm interested in the intersections between technology and business. When I'm not in school, I split time between Singapore, Palo Alto, and Jakarta.

I took 3 gap years after high school, during which time I completed my National Service in Singapore in the Civil Defence as an ambulance EMT and volunteered in Indonesia's 2014 presidential campaign.

When I'm not reading and writing notes / exploring you can find me on /r/ mildly interesting / in the gym / worrying about the rise of automation.

I'm currently using this site as a repository for my newsletter (compilation, visualization/app), book notes (compilation), and links.

Monthly updates/points of interest (January)

  • Audacity from Epsilon Theory, and all the links at the bottom, especially Sheep Logic

  • WaPo’s In and Out list

  • a16z Podcast: Talent, Tech Trends, and Culture (38:23),

    • "blockchain is a new computing platform... and like all new computing platforms is inferior to the status quo, e.g. mobile phones... but has new properties like GPS that you didn't have on the PC... blockchain has trust... so money, contracts, and digital property can be programmed... airpods are a tremendous product, increasing productivity, voice interfaces are on the rise... 3 tv shows that embody VC life: (1) Halt and catch fire, (2) burn notice, (3) succession... simplest predictor of managerial intelligence: (1) systems thinking, and (2) people intuition"

Things I'm excited about:

  • Democratization of finance: no more paying for a checking account (and other fees which are essentially a tax on the poor, link), e.g. SoFi Money, or financial services, e.g. Fidelity’s fee-less ETF

  • The rise of automation: what will we do with our newly found free time? We need creative self-actualizing activities, not digital opium like FB/Netflix which self-driving cars will make even more ubiquitous… battle for screens and eyeballs

  • AR is it going to look like this? Magic Leap’s first product looks unwearable but 40’ FOV is incredibly limited; these glasses (using retinal projection) look much more useable; what about contact lenses

  • MOOCs and the future of education; coursera / udemy / udacity / Minerva Schools? / altschool? Udacity's Sebastian Thrun thinks there'll be only 10 institutions of higher ed left in 2050

  • The future of UI: wearables (jackets?), biohacking, both? Keyboard on the hand?