December 2018

  • The free energy principle, Karl Friston, and potentially where the next big AI advance will come from link

  • Gentle introduction to deep neural nets, link, great analogy for gradient descent

  • Google’s interactive immersive thing on National Parks, link, really fun experience but 360’ video doesn’t stream nicely

  • UXDesign’s State of UX 2019, link

  • a16z: Software + housing market, link; legal proposal right now to house value, link that requires appraisal

  • YC CEO/partner Michael Siebel on startups, with topics and timestamps, link; especially identifying bias in advise givers — great, desirable companies hire the best because (i) they’re the best, (ii) to keep them away from competitors, (iii) to keep them from doing their own thing

  • Hello World, a Bloomberg series (recently <10m/video in length), new episodes ~monthly; two I liked: (1) Geoff Hinton, (2) Israel Startup Nation, which describes dominance of army’s Unit8200 (which everyone has to serve usually aged 18-20): first thing people do coming out is think of what startup they’re going to build

  • Also CCTv’s series on Chinese Innovation (no English subtitles)

  • Quartz Obsession on Orchids is a fun read: the moth orchid retailed for $70 in the 80’s, tech+globalization -> wholesale price of $3 today