UrPersonality - an automated personality test taking bot for Facebook

write-up | Facebook page

  • Uses the Messenger interface to administer Likert scale personality tests
  • Built with nodeJS, renders SVGs as PNGs and posts to Amazon S3 so that a signed URL can be sent to the Messenger API
  • Has a web interface that allows users to view all their past results and individual answers
  • Hoping to implement comparison abilities in the future so that users can compare their scores with global averages / those of friends / and simply see how their own personalities have changed over time

Hack Amherst - website

Amherst College's first (and hopefully not last) hackathon.
  • Lead Organizer
  • Also designed website



Data Investigations - assorted data investigations, all hosted here

Mass Shootings

  • visualizing 5-years of violent shootings in the USA

Colonial Data

  • matched icow dataset with various datasets from Wikipedia such as life expectancy

Messenger Bots - assorted Messenger bots

ACFoodBot | v1 project repo

  • (v1) initially built as a crowd-sourced directory of food on campus; on update it sends a message to all who've interacted with it
    • built with the Messenger API, NodeJS, and MongoDB
  • (v2) refactored to scrape school's menu and reply with lunch/dinner meal options

NextDraft - an Amazon Alexa skill that narrates Dave Pell's headlines and news (link)

Alexa Store | project repo

  • narrates 10 daily curated headlines
    • built with Flask, deployed with Heroku, and scheduled to re-run daily with Heroku Scheduler
    • other links: Flask app in 2 minutes (link) Heroku + Python tutorial (link)